4 Healthful Benefits of Using a Fitbit Tracker

It’s hard to leave your house for one day without seeing a Fitbit on someone’s wrist.

The Fitbit craze has hit and it’s here to stay. People love the idea of being able to track multiple aspects of their health on one device.

Thinking about taking the plunge and buying yourself a Fitbit?

This article will break down 4 ways a Fitbit tracker helps you monitor your health.

1) They Track Your Sleep

One of the ways a Fitbit tracker keeps you healthy is by tracking the number of hours you sleep each night.

Your Fitbit is like Santa in that is sees you when you’re sleeping and knows when you’re awake.

You can set sleep goals for yourself and Fitbit will let you know if you’ve met those goals.

It is recommended that adults get 7-9 hours of sleep each night in order to stay healthy and alert. A lack of sleep can cause physical and mental health problems, but with a Fitbit, you’ll be on your way to regulating your sleeping pattern.

2) They Count Your Steps

One of the best features of a Fitbit is the step counter.

Americans live mostly sedentary lifestyles where they’re sitting at a desk for 8 or more hours a day. This behavior can wreak havoc on your health if you don’t make time outside of work to walk.

Fitbit trackers encourage you to hit 10,000 steps every day. If you don’t move for an hour your device will buzz and remind you to get your steps in.

3) They Give You a Health Community

When you purchase a Fitbit you’re entering a club full of other people who care about taking charge of their health.

Fitbit gives you an online community of people to go on your fitness journey with.

When you log into the app on your cellphone you can add friends and follow their progress and encourage one another.

Plus, you can challenge your friends to step competitions where you see who can get the most steps in one day or one week.

4) They Monitor Your Heart rate

Fitbit keeps track of your heart rate for you so you can stay in the target range.

When you’re doing vigorous aerobic exercise it’s important to monitor your heart rate. Your Fitbit tracker will tell you your heart rate so you can know if you need to push yourself harder or take a break.

To calculate your maximum heart rate, subtract your age from the number 220. You should never exceed this number when exercising.

Buy a Fitbit Tracker to Transform Your Health

Buying a Fitbit is a great way to take the reigns of your life and improve your health.

Once you get a Fitbit you’ll be able to keep track of walking, exercise, and sleeping patterns and see where your strengths and weaknesses lie.

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How to Choose the Right Yoga Class for Your Needs

If you’re someone who has never taken a yoga class before, finding the right class might be pretty intimidating. After all, figuring out the best class for you is all about knowing yourself and the options that are presented to you.

Here’s what you should consider when choosing the perfect yoga class:

How Can a Yoga Class Help You?

Think about the benefits that yoga might have for your specific ailments. Do you suffer from chronic muscle or joint pain? Are you someone who constantly feels very tightly wound? You might want to consider Yin Yoga.

Maybe you want to take up yoga to lose weight? Bikram yoga, done in very high temperatures to induce sweating, may be the perfect yoga style for you.

You should put your health needs before anything else, but it’s also important that you’re comfortable in the class. If the yoga style does not appeal to you, you’re less likely to become a frequent attendee. If you don’t go to class regularly, you’re not going to see any noticeable improvements.

Identify Your Skill Level

Technically, just because you’ve never taken a yoga class before does not mean you have to enroll in a beginner class for your first session. If you consider yourself a very athletic person who exercises regularly, beginner yoga will not effectively challenge your body.

Judge yourself accurately and realistically to determine what you would be ready for. But you also don’t want to be too ambitious and enroll in a class that is too difficult for you. You’re likely to get left behind quickly.

Find The Right Teacher

A yoga session is effective or ineffective based on the quality of the teacher. It’s as simple as that. In the long run, the type of yoga you choose is secondary to the teacher you choose.

Many yoga studios will allow you to sit in or participate in a trial class, just to help you see if it would be a good fit. If the teacher is brash or too aggressive, you may not feel comfortable learning from them.

On the other side, if you feel like a teacher is too passive and will not push you hard enough, then you won’t be able to learn anything from them. It’s okay to be selective when choosing a yoga teacher as the goal is to build a long-term relationship with them.

Don’t Forget About Price

Although taking classes from the same yoga studio that celebrities frequent might seem enticing, it might not be realistic if you take a look at your finances. Make sure you sign up for a class that is within your budget, and still leaves enough room in your pocketbook for other fun purchases.

If you have to sacrifice too much to attend the class frequently, you may not stick with it. The more difficult the path is to regular yoga practice, the harder it will be for you to make it a big part of your life.

For more information on finding the perfect yoga studio or just staying fit, please contact us!