10 Hot New iPhone X Features You Need to Check Out

If you’ve had an iPhone, or several, in the past, you’re probably used to the incremental improvements that have come with each model, around the same basic design.

iPhone X totally breaks the mold.

Familiar features are gone, new buttons are in and there’s a whole new way to unlock without even laying a finger on it.

Fasten your seatbelts for our guide to 10 hot new iPhone X features you need to check out.

1. Face ID (and How to Override It)

Let’s start with a biggie – Face ID on iPhone has been rumored for a while, and now it’s here.

This means, simply look at your iPhone and it will recognize you and unlock. If you’ve seen the TV ads, apparently you can wear almost any disguise and it’ll still know it’s you.

The advantages of Face ID are that you don’t have to remember passwords and you don’t have to remove gloves when unlocking it outdoors in winter.

There is a school of thought that it is inherently not as secure as a password, as it could be simply held to your face to be unlocked by someone with sinister motives.

This can be overcome by reverting to a passcode system. Simply simultaneously hold down the side button and volume button.

2. App Switching

One swipe is all you need to move seamlessly between apps, making this one of the key iPhone X features.

As the home button is gone (no double tapping anymore), you now access your open apps by making one up then right swipe from the bottom of the screen.

The lightning quick processor speed ensures you’re gliding through your apps like never before.

3. Hello Camera

Even with face ID unlocking, no-one wants to faff about unlocking a phone to take a quick selfie.

An awesome feature iPhone X retains is swipe left on the home screen to open the camera – great for those impromptu, in-the-moment times when you just don’t want to wait.

4. Stunning Build Quality

Unlike the all-glass iPhone 8, one of the stylish yet practical iPhone X features is the stainless steel rim.

It has held up well in durability tests, which is reassuring as you have to fork out a pretty penny to get your hands on one of these bad boys.

It also outperformed the iPhone 8 in drop tests and is water resistant to 1m for 30 minutes.

If you’re wondering whether you should invest in a case to protect your iPhone X, check out our blog.

5. Animojis

Another awesome feature that facial recognition software allows for is Animojis.

Totally frivolous, but a heck of a lot of fun, you can animate your own animal character emoji using the camera. It will mimic your movements, giving you hours of fun as you bring a pig – or even a unicorn – avatar of yourself to life.

It’s a great tool, allowing you to send a uniquely customized picture message to your friends.

6. Two Hand Moves

One of the surprisingly great iPhone X features is the ability to make use two fingers (of two hands) at the same time on the screen.

This might sound a bit clunky, until you think of the following applications.

Moving Apps into Folders

We all know that this can be a nightmare on iPhone. All the apps and folders start not only jiggling madly but also flying around the screen when you try to get them into the folder.

iPhone X eliminates this problem. Now, hold down on the app to commence the jiggle cycle as before. Then, simply tap the destination folder with the finger of your other hand. Magically, the app flies into the folder.

Moving Apps to New Pages

The jiggling and flying madness also used to occur when moving apps to a new page.

Now, simply swipe across with your free hand and deposit it where required.

7. Private Notifications

In the past, take a bathroom break and any nosy colleague could get a load of your new messages without touching a button.

Now, notifications simply tell you which app has a something new for you.

The cool part? Once Face ID kicks in, all the details come into view. Giving you a whole new level of privacy from snooping friends and workmates.

8. Studio Quality Selfies

iPhone X features Portrait Mode, elevating the humble selfie to a work of art.

This is down to the 7-megapixel ‘TrueDepth’ camera mounted on the front of the phone. It also offers you 5 styles of lighting and variations in focus and image depth that will help your selfies to take on a new dimension.

No longer an afterthought, the age of the selfie has peaked with the iPhone X’s cutting-edge technology.

9. Going Home Made Easy

The thought of an iPhone without a home button is weird until you’ve played around with the iPhone X.

Once simple swipe up from the bottom brings you back to the home screen. You’ll soon forget you ever had a home button, it’s that simple.

Swipe left and right along the bottom of the screen to navigate easily between apps.

10. Swipe Down Left/Swipe Down Right

Apple has retained swipe down for notifications, although it just got a whole lot more sophisticated.

Now, swiping down from the left side reveals notification and clock. Swiping down from the right side of the notch reveals the control center.

This actually packs a lot more useful features into a couple of very simple operations.

You’ll soon find that you’ve forgotten all about clicking a physical button and are happily swiping away, bringing everything you need to your fingertips.

10 Hot Features in iPhone X: The Takeaway

The million dollar (or maybe we should say $999 question) is – is it worth the price tag?

That’s a question only you can answer. But our 10 hot features should certainly give anyone pause for thought – whether you’re an Apple person through and through, or considering converting from Android.

At Inkdly, we love all things Apple.

Check out our guide to why you need an Apple Watch today.

Fitbit Just Announced Its New Versa Watch, Check Out These Awesome Features

What’s smart, sleek, weighs less than 23 grams and is the gym buddy you never had?

It’s the new Fitbit Versa, of course!

As wearable fitness technology continues to skyrocket, new products are becoming increasingly more user-friendly to help users achieve their fitness goals. The Fitbit Versa is a smartwatch that allows users to help track and maintain their fitness goals.

The latest device is a simplified version of the previous model but offered at a far more affordable price. It takes all of the best features of the previous version and transports them into a more efficient and stylish device.

As compared with alternate fitness trackers, wearables offer users the functionality of tracking and meeting fitness goals, with the simplicity of a stylish wearable device.

Are you considering getting the new Fitbit Versa watch? If you want to learn about all the awesome new features, you’re going to want to keep reading!

Versa Watch: A Complete Guide

Not all smartwatches are created equal. Not every smartwatch user has the same needs, either.

Here are some of the main points to keep in mind to help you find the right Fitbit watch for your needs.

Entry Level Price and Simplicity

The most dominant critique with the original Fitbit was the costly price tag that was the result of many non-essential features. To correct this issue and appeal to a greater audience, the new and improved Versa watch is priced at under $200 and offers users a more simple experience.

The new edition shifts the focus to creating a more everyday fitness watch that looks as good at the gym as it does the office.

This is achieved through a more attractive, minimal design and simple features that promote a healthy lifestyle. In the attempt to eliminate non-essential features, Fitbit removed features such as GPS tracking and made essential features more efficient and user-friendly.

New and Improved Design

When comparing The Ionic Fitbit with The Versus, the differences in style are very clear. The Ionic design is larger in size, contains sharp edges and appears traditionally masculine. However, the new design appeals to a wider audience with a more modern and less angular aesthetic.

The result?

A watch that doubles as attractive and “on trend” as well as functional and lightweight. This is especially important to those that don’t exactly favor fashioning such an outwardly sporty look.

Fitbit also corrected issues associated with the quality of the touchscreen and made the Versa more user-friendly. Swipes and taps are reported to register more efficiently and the interface is much more intuitive and user-friendly.

The screen has been redesigned to allow users easier access to things like calories burned, daily step count and heart rate. As compared to The Ionic, The Versa display is only 1.34 inches and colors and features are incredibly bright and crisp.

The watch is available in black, silver and rose gold and weighs in at just 23 grams.

Battery Life of 4+ Days

Considering the minuscule size of the Versa watch, one of it’s best features is the elongated battery life. In order to compare the Versa to the Apple watch, one user conducted a battery life experiment.

This experiment included listening to half an hour of music, two half-hour workouts, six hours of sleep and 24 hours in total.

The results?

The Apple watch was left with 34 percent battery life as compared to The Versa watch with 75 percent.

This is especially convenient for those partaking in more rural activities such as hiking or cycling trips that will not have dependable access to electricity for recharging.

The Versa is compatible with iPhones and Android phones and will also sync with Windows desktops.

Tracking Exercises and Goals

The Versa allows users to track daily fitness activities in an efficient and user-friendly way. To name just a few:

  • Total steps
  • Floors climbed
  • Distance traveled
  • Heart rate increases or decreases
  • Calories burned
  • Overall cardio score

This allows users to understand the levels they are at in reaching daily fitness goals. It also alerts users when it’s time to get up and do something active. These simple features encourage users to check their daily progress more often and provide motivation to stay on top of daily fitness goals.

It also allows users to record workouts and log them into the device. From here, the logged workouts will appear on the calendar and allows users to see what they have accomplished and share these results with friends.

For those who enjoy swimming, the watch is water resistant to 50 meters and fit for wear in the pool or in the rain. This allows users to track swim duration, laps and calories burnt throughout the session.

Before the Versa, users would have to open a separate app to view their daily statistics. However, thanks to the new Versa software, users are able to simply scroll upwards on their dashboard to view their daily stats.

Wide Selection of Apps

In addition to the built-in fitness tracking features, The Versa allows users to install further third-party apps.

Fitbit states that they have more than 550 apps with many of them fitness based. And, as compared to the previous software, the Versa reportedly loads apps more efficiently making for a more positive experience.

It also comes pre-loaded with Fitbit Coach which offers various exercise routines and automatically times then as you train. The app then solicits feedback after your workout and will soon have the ability to deliver more personalized suggestions, data summaries, and fitness reminders.

The Versa will also soon have the ability to allow women to track period cycles. The app will ask female users to enter their first cycle and will indicate the next predicted cycles. Future periods are indicated by a pink highlighter and predicted fertile windows are indicated by a blue highlighter.

This was brought to light by women who felt underserved by the current market and felt the products were mostly favored toward the male population.

Take advantage of everything your Versa has the ability to do!

Tracking Sleep Patterns and Breathing

Because a healthy sleep cycle is vital to one’s overall health, The Versa also has the ability to record sleep patterns. Come morning, users are able to track their time spent in light, deep and REM sleep.

Users are also able to create weekly sleep goals, create bedtime reminders and wake-up goals, and review sleep trends overtimes.

The app also provides users with the opportunity for guided breathing sessions. This can help to provide moments of calmness throughout the day as well as aiding in medication.

Music Compatible

Versa understands the positive connection between blasting tunes and getting a good workout in. And so, it’s safe to say the new design is music compatible.

The Versa watch has the ability store up to 300 songs and stream music. This means users can hit the gym or go for a run without the annoyance of having to bring their phone.

The Versa is also Bluetooth compatible so users are able to connect the watch to headphones. Users are also able to sync stats wirelessly and automatically to computers and iOS, Android and Windows devices.

Are You Ready to Kickstart Your Fitness Goals?

If you’re finally ready to buckle down and enhance your fitness journey, The Versa Watch might be the best thing to help you get started.

Whether you’re a seasoned athlete, a hopeful gym rat or just looking to stay a little more on top of your health routine, Fitbit is bound to become the workout buddy you never had.

And, if you’re looking to make your Versa a little more custom, browse our marketplace to see how you can personalize your Versa.

Time to start moving!

The 10 Best Apple Watch Apps You Need to Download

The Apple Watch has been a huge success.

Since the series 3 model was released, there has been a surge in demand. Now, you can stream music, track your fitness, and make payments, all with a much faster processor and waterproof casing.

This means that there are more reasons to buy an Apple Watch than ever before.

If you download the right apps, you can do even more with it. In this post, we’ll give you the best Apple Watch apps to download, so you can make the most of your device.

The Best Apple Watch Apps Right Now

Try out some of these apps and make your life easier.

1. BBC News

If you think the Apple Watch is too small to read news from, think again.

The BBC News app gives you news alerts that are easy to read, even with such a tiny screen. Instead of wasting time scrolling and scanning, you can get news on the go.

2. Sleep Watch

Do you get enough sleep?

This app will allow you to track now only how many hours of shuteye you get every night, but also the quality of your sleep, too. This is because it uses the watch’s heart rate monitor to see analyze the rest you’re getting.

Each day, it will give you a briefing to show you how much sleep you got the night before, as well as your future sleep goals.

The best thing about this app is that you don’t have to press any buttons. It will work its magic automatically while you wear it.

3. Aaptiv

If you’re a fitness fanatic, you’ll love this app. Download this to your Apple Watch, and you’ll never have to pay for a personal trainer or gym membership again.

Apptiv provides audio workouts, which are led by certified, experienced personal trainers. Each workout has its own specially-crafted playlist, so you’ll have the right music to keep you motivated.

Whether you prefer running, weight lifting, HIIT workouts or just some light stretching, there’s something for you. They have a huge range of workouts for every type of fitness.

4. Citymapper

If you live in or are visiting any big city around the world, you need Citymapper.

It helps you plan your travel routes by showing you all the types of public transport available to you, with their individual routes, prices and travel times.

You can set your work and home locations and let it automatically come up with quickest and cheapest way to get to anywhere you want to go from there.

Instead of downloading individual apps for train, bus and taxi services, you can use them all in one with this application. That’s why it’s one of the best Apple Watch apps around.

5. Standland

Did you know that sitting down for too long can kill you?

If you have a sedentary job or lifestyle, Standland will remind you to get up and move around every now and then.

It gives you notifications at regular intervals, letting you know how long you’ve been sitting down for. Cute virtual creatures are the motivation, with different ones for you to collect when you hit certain activity goals.

6. Pennies

Do you ever struggle to make your money last till the end of the month? If so, this app is for you.

It’s a personal finance application that helps you to set a budget and stick to it. You can track your spending by making a note of all of your purchases as well as your income. If you don’t want to do that manually, so you can ask Siri to do it for you.

Pennies will show you how well you’re doing by displaying how much you have left to spend for the day, the week, and the month. Give it a try and see how much you can save!

7. ITranslate

Download this app before you travel, and you’ll have a handy translator on your wrist at all times.

You can type words and sentences, or just speak directly into it, and it will give you a translation instantly.

It’s also one of the best Apple Watch apps for language learners, because it will speak back to you to help you improve your pronunciation.

8. Drafts

The Apple Watch doesn’t have the same features for notes that the iPhone does. That’s why the Drafts app is essential.

You can add notes to your watch by dictating them through the voice recorder, or writing them with the OS Scribble feature.

9. Carrot Weather

Carrot is undoubtedly one of the best Apple Watch apps for weather right now.

With just a flick of the wrist, you can get an entire weather report, showing everything you need to know about the day’s forecast.

What really makes this app stand out is its personality. It adds some humor to your weather report with snarky comments like ‘sucks to be you’ when it’s about to pour, and ‘you can stop loading your loved ones onto the life raft now’ when the rain is due to stop.

You can adjust the sarcasm level to suit you, toning it up or down through five available options. There’s ‘professional’, ‘friendly’, ‘snarky’, ‘homicidal’, and overkill’. Whichever one you choose, you’re sure to be entertained.

It also has an ‘achievement’s feature, which gives you awards when you experience certain types of weather. There are 32 of them altogether for you to unlock.

10. Find Near Me

When you’re traveling to a new place, you usually have to do a lot of research to figure out where to go and what activities to do. Find Near Me makes it so much easier.

With this up, you can just show up and start exploring like a local, without having to spend hours trawling through sites, reviews and forums. It uses GPS to automatically show you the best places nearby.

Whether you’re looking for a cafe, a department store, a zoo, or just an ATM, this app will show you all of the options in your area. It will also give you extra details, like opening hours, pricing, and how to get there.

Best of all, it’s completely free!

Make it Your Own

Apps aren’t to only way to customize your Apple watch.

You can also accessorize with stylish designer watch bands. Switch out your plain old standard strap for something unique, and stand out from the crowd.

See our selection of Apple watch bands and choose one for yourself.