The New Fitbit Charge 3 Leaked

The Fitbit was one of the first wearable devices available when it first hit the market in 2010. That year they sold a paltry 58,000 units worldwide. Fast forward a few years to 2016 and Fitbit was dominating the market, selling nearly 23 million units.

Since then many competitors have entered the market, most notably Apple with the Apple Watch, a smart wearable device that connects seamlessly with your iPhone. That product allowed Apple to take control of the market during the first quarter of 2018.

Early reviews have come out and it looks like Fitbit is entering a new challenger in the smart wearable devices market with the Fitbit Charge 3.

Read on to learn about what we love about Fitbit’s latest product and what can be improved.

What We Love About the New Fitbit Charge 3

The biggest change and our favorite thing about Fitbit’s newest product is that it’s finally waterproof. This was one of the biggest complaints after the release of the previous model and it looks like the company took its customer’s complaints to heart.

The new fitness tracker will have a 5ATM water resistance rating making it safe for up to 50 meters of water. To match this upgrade, they’ve added features for both swim duration and tracking laps.

Besides swimming, there are also enhancements in the fitness features. Besides things like heart rate tracking and workouts, there are also 15 sports that you can set directly from the device. Additionally, the device lets you set time or caloric goals before you start exercising.

Another big change comes in the device’s design. One of the criticisms against the previous model was that it was bulkier than its competitors. The new model is rumored to be lighter while at the same time featuring a significantly larger display.

This should make it more comfortable for both day wear and night time wear.

SmartWatch Features

Since this new device is targeting the smartwatch market, it follows that it needs to have competitive smartwatch features. We’ll leave it up to you to decide if Fitbit hits or misses the mark on this one.

Firstly, the alert system has improved since the Fitbit Charge 2. Although you cannot download apps to the new device (you’ll need the Ionic or Versa models for that), the Charge 3 gives notifications across a range of third-party apps.

Later this year, Android users will also be able to reply to messages with Fitbit promising more functionality moving forwards. What will these alerts cost you in battery life?

According to early rumors, the new device has an estimated battery life of seven days, but we’ll have to wait for the full reviews to see if that’s a reality.

What Can Be Improved

Fitbit still hasn’t added integrated GPS to their devices. It will, however, have Connected GPS. This means that you’ll still need to pair your wearable device with your smartphone as well as carry the phone with you while you’re exercising.

We’re frustrated that Fitbit hasn’t integrated the GPS feature when there are other devices on the market that include this capability. I don’t know about you, but I would prefer to leave my phone at home when I go for a run.

Other Features of the Upcoming Fitbit

Besides being a fitness tracker, this device provides tracking data to help improve your life in general.

For one thing, it will help you understand more about other aspects of your heart. Some of these health tracking features include a 24/7 heart rate monitor, an all-day calorie counter, and charts based on your heart rate zones. These charts show you when you’re in each of the different Fat burn, peak or cardio zones to help you improve your workouts.

The Auto Sleep Tracking feature is one of our favorite things about these devices in the first place. We’ve tried using some of the phone apps, but there’s nothing like a device that’s actually on your wrist to measure your sleep cycles.

The fitness tracker, together with your smartphone, will show you how long you’re in light versus REM sleep each night. Not only that, but over time, it will be able to create insights based on that data and give advice on how to improve your sleep cycles.

What the Special Edition Offers

So far, the extra features on the special edition are Fitbit Pay and premium bands.

Fitbit Pay works in the same way as other contactless mobile payment methods. First, you add your credit or debit card info. This makes paying at participating retailers as simple as holding your smartwatch near the payment terminal.

Considering the company is billing the Charge 3 as a smartwatch, we’re a little disappointed that this feature isn’t included in the standard model.

In terms of bands, with the special edition, you can choose between a purple woven band or a white perforated sport band. Of course, there are so many great Fitbit bands on the market, we’re thinking it’s unlikely that buyers will choose this model just for the bands.

When Can You Get It and What Will it Cost?

An official release date has yet to be confirmed but you can pre-order the device from the company’s website. The standard model is set to ship in October and the special edition in November. There are two color options for each model.

Pricing starts at USD$149.95 for the standard model or USD$169.95 for the special edition.

We Can’t Wait to Test Out Fitbit’s Latest Smart Watch

Many of these things are still considered rumors about the Fitbit Charge 3 so we cannot wait to get our hands on one and test it out for ourselves.

Looking for a Fitbit for your little ones? Check out our review of the Fitbit Ace activity tracker for kids!

New 2018 iPhone Models Leaked

As we move through the Summer and look forward to Autumn, one thing that has iPhone fans excited is the expected release of the 2018 iPhone.

This year we’ve been promised not one, but three new versions of Apple’s iconic handset. Although no date has been released yet, September has become the month for iPhone news since the release of the iPhone 5 back in 2012.

This year, the rumor mill is hot with anticipation about the release of the 2018 iPhone; or should I say iPhones as we are anticipating not one, but three new models. Read on to learn all about them!

iPhone 9

This model will be the upgrade to last year’s iPhone 8. Apple is planning to give it a facelift, so it more closely resembles the iPhone X. It will have an LCD screen rather than the OLED version in the X it will have larger bezels around the screen.

The iPhone 8 has some great features and it seems as though the 9 will continue to build on that. Apple seems to be trying to update their basic handset version to more closely mimic the X. But iPhone 2018 leaks lead us to believe the LCD screen will bring it in at a much cheaper price point, somewhere around half the price of the new iPhone X.

The bad news is, there have been some delays in the development of the LCD screen. Apple is currently anticipating shipping iPhone 9 models in October, a month later than the X2.

Best Seller

The update to the 8 isn’t unexpected. Although Apple has been talking about how the X is the fastest selling handset of all time, the truth is that they did not experience the demand they anticipated for their new premium handset.

The iPhone 8, however, sold extremely well. Apple will be hoping to lure more people to the 2018 version of the X, but if price proves to be a problem then the 9 is the next best option.

For those of you who enjoyed your colorful, iPhone 5Cs, you’ll be delighted to hear that the 9 is expected to come in a range of colors. Reports vary but you can expect Gold, Grey, White, Blue, and Orange. There may also be a version in red, to support Apple’s long-term fundraising partnership with the charity by the same name.

The 2018 iPhone X

There are to be two versions of the iPhone X, which is rumored to be called the iPhone X2. With a starting price of around $1000, the X maintains the high price point that was set by the original X. Originally thought to be called the iPhone 11, the X2 will be joined in an X Plus with a larger display size.

The standard X2 will have a 5.8-inch display, whereas the Plus will be a ‘phad’ size (phone/pad hybrid) at 6.5 inches. This extra screen real estate will make the phone more usable for work, and for applications such as art packages which need more space.

There was some talk about Apple planning an LCD version of the X, but this seems to have been confused with the 9. Both versions of the new X will use the OLED screens that the originals had.

Smaller X?

Another X rumor that proved unfounded was the creation of a smaller, SE style model. This was fuelled by the news that case maker, Olixar had made a prototype of a screen protector for a smaller iPhone screen with similar bezels and notch as those found on the X. Of course, it may be that Apple is planning to surprise us with this news at a later date.

The iPhone latest update is also getting an updated camera. Although there was speculation that the X would have a triple-lens camera on the rear, which would improve performance in low-light settings, both X models will actually have a dual rear camera setup.

The 2018 Xs won’t be coming in the same range of colors as the 9. You can expect to find X2 and X2 Plus handsets in Gold, Grey, and Silver. You may also see the option to switch between SIM cards, though, a new function incorporated because users in China often have more than one SIM.

2018 Models

All three 2018 iPhone models will use the Intel chip, which may disappoint those looking for a speed boost in the new versions. Although they are all getting an upgraded CPU, the performance of Intel chips is slower than those used in Android models, made by Qualcomm.

They will also now come with a USB-C charger. There will be backward compatibility via an adaptor supplied with the X that will allow it to connect to a firewire charger.

Facial Recognition

It’s also thought that all three 2018 models will take advantage of facial recognition technology – however, this would come at the loss of the fingerprint sensor that made the touch facility possible. It’s also thought that facial recognition will work in horizontal mode, thus making it more useful for iPad users.

All of the new models will support wireless charging. However, Apple doesn’t currently make an accessory that enables it. Case companies have received dummy versions of the new models, allowing them to start work on their new range of cases.


While the sales of the iPhone x did not match with Apple’s expectations, they seem to be hoping they can get a better response to the 2018 release. Still, industry insiders are expecting the lower-priced iPhone 9 to make up as much as 55% of the sales of these new models.

Apple can certainly rely on its fanbase to continue to want the newer, more shiny model. With the launch of iOs12, Apple will have some exciting announcements to make in September. From the information already released, it does seem that they are offering something for everyone and ensuring that they cross a range of budgets.

What do you think about the 2018 iPhone? Will you be one of the early adopters, or are you planning to hold on to your current phone a little longer? Let us know in the comments below which features you are most looking forward to Apple discussing in September.